To develop software company

I have a coffee tree in my office. I was gifted a small coffee tree when we start the software company more than 15 years ago. Now my coffee tree has delightful green leafs, strong trunk, and full of vital energy. This coffee tree had been moving with me from office to office as company grow. It adjusted to many places stayed always green. This tree is a constant reminder to me that for success we need keeping adjusted and keeping grow all the time.

The people are the leafs, trunk, and vital energy for company. It is not a secret in software world that the people affect how successful your company becomes. Nowadays the technologies are changing very quick. To bring company next level you need to hire for potential instead of experience.

This idea together with an atmosphere of openness, honesty and respect for one another let us to develop the company capabilities over the years.

  • 1999: Alexander Sutormin, Julia Malinina and Alexander Saraikin start work together on software development projects
  • 2000: We meet Eugene Nikiforov and open our first office.
  • 2001: Develop of business components for Intershop Enfinity (cartridges)
  • 2002: Starts first Amazon Integration for CBS Sportsline
  • 2003: The first company has been founded as Ixtens Russia
  • 2004: Launch Zabars on new Demandware eCommerce onDemand service
  • 2005: Bebe as a pilot Item Content Management (ICM) solution with Amazon.com
  • 2005: Move to new office  and grow up to 60 people
  • 2006: Builds the merchant integration engine for Amazon.com’s enterprise offering and launch M&S as first customer of this engine
  • 2007: Builds and support SAAS Inventory and Order Management Service for Ixtens US
  • 2008: The second company has been founded as Kyberpark
  • 2010: Builds Marketplace product for Merchantry
  • 2012: Move to new office and grow up to 95 people
  • 2013: Builds Supplier Hub product for Merchantry
  • 2014: Build Product Information Management System for Merchantry
  • 2015: Start new company and new product

Long term we were dedicated team for SAAS marketplace software development powers the development of Merchantry’s cloud-based software which supports multiple suppliers/sellers of products, aggregating product and inventory information into a single, unified catalog. The retailer then merchandises marketplace products on their online storefront. Once a shopper places an order, the items in the order are routed to the appropriate supplier(s) for fulfillment.

J2EE, Java 1.4 – Java 7, Tomcat, JBoss, Terracota BigMemory, Terracota Quartz Scheduler, SOAP, REST, JSON, Struts, GWT, jQuery, Hibernate (JPA), Datanucleus (JDO), Jersey, Axis, XSLT, JAXB, xmlbeans, Oracle

so we are here now to move forward!