What we do

Dedicated Team. To helps you develop new software within the corporate culture, and style that fits your business best we provide dedicated professional resources along with complete infrastructure and administrative services  to work exclusively on your projects. The development team with in-depth experience in software design and development  is composed of 3-5 dedicated Java/J2EE developers and a shared IT project manager. This team structure can be customized to project needs. The whole team works off-site, and is available by phone, email, instant messaging or video conferencing.

Your Dedicated Team. In any modern business, the ability to be quick and agile is absolutely necessary. Build a team in house can cost you a significant amount of time, money, and manpower. We give you a team without this extra costs and worries with various IT services.
How Dedicated Teams Work. Once you request a team, you are able to pick your perfect team, which will quickly adapt to your work style, tools, and methods while copying your work environment to fully integrate into your organization. Once your project is completed, we reallocate this team to other areas.
Advantages of the Dedicated Team. By outsourcing your software development to Dedicated Teams, you will be able to focus on your business and customers. Moreover you will save money and time. No hiring or firing nightmares. No insurance, legal, HR and office space overhead.

Custom Development. Today, the challenge is to create business-oriented J2EE/Java development solutions to meet the ever increasing and dynamic demands of the rapidly growing software industry. Hence, there is a strong need for solutions that are flexible, efficient and can be customized to suit the cross-platform requirements. J2EE is the platform that provides innumerable range of features to meet the requisite demands. It does offer compatibility with various other technologies that the developer can capitalize on. Offshore Java Development by hiring experienced and skilled JEE Developers and other resources at flexible pricing models. Software developers, programmers, engineers, and architects possess technical know-how and deliver high-end applications that suffice various business requisites and saving your costs to acquire programming expertise in-house.

  • Development of robust, extensible, and easy to maintain web application (including multi-tenancy SAAS) using java technology and j2ee platforms.
  • Make secure and lightweight web application using various J2EE Frameworks like Struts, Spring etc.
  • Decrease in bandwidth use by using technologies like Ajax etc.
  • Migration of your software solutions to Java/J2EE platform
  • Consulting services on java-based software development that include java architecture and design evaluation
  • Follow agile based development & delivery process for application development.
  • Performance tuning
Software Prototyping
Requirements Management
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Working Prototype
Custom Software Development
Enterprise Solutions
Web Development
Clustered Applications
Multi-tenancy SAAS Application
Mobile Applications
Software Product Development
Discovery/Feasibility Study
Release Management
Support & Maintenance
Enterprise Application Integration
Analysis & Consulting
ESB Implementation
Hub-To-Spoke Integration
Point-To-Point Integration
ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

Infrastructure Automation. The amount of time wasted on setup, synchronization and deployment of applications is often ignored by teams and managers. Manual server management and application deployment are a huge waste of time and ultimately money. In addition, manually performing these tasks is often prone to error and a big risk for uninterrupted uptime of production. Nowaday virtualization and cloud have forced the need for automation. The infrastructure growth is not limited by the hardware purchasing cycle any more. But the ability to spin up new virtual machines in minutes required us to get a lot better at automating this process. Treat infrastructure as code by scripting environments. It allows you  apply the same configuration to a single node or to thousands. It can be used in the cloud and in virtual and physical environments.