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We’ve been the backbone of business growth since 1999

With over two decades of experience, we have been delivering top-notch custom software development services to a wide range of enterprises, including startups and Fortune 100 companies. Our expertise in software and application development, coupled with our strategic offshore/onshore resources, allows us to offer cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our focus is on optimizing costs and maximizing profits, ensuring high-quality development packages that drive your business forward.

We have an established team of talented and enthusiastic professionals who serve clients with passion. We assist clients bountifully, from the initial step to the final output, delivering amazing results. We use the latest techniques and methodologies which give our clients a cutting edge over their competitors. We are proud that we managed to establish an impressive core team of experts powered by knowledgeable advisors, such as university professors and contractors.

Setronica’s main focuses are custom software development and cloud solutions. Our experienced Java development team helps build robust and scalable enterprise solutions. Our core expertise: eCommerce applications, Online Marketplaces, ERP, and eProcurement platforms.

We work with you to ensure the final solution meets your expectations. We do our best to help you understand all the technologies and options available and ensure your project reaches your goals.

Why Choose Setronica?

We concentrate on the client’s business needs like the scope of development, level of performance, time to market, and innovation. We work with the customer’s processes and in the end, through feedback, these processes become a collaboration between us and the client. This is how we managed to build a long-term partnership.

Extensive Experience

With over 20 years in outsourcing and eCommerce product development, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every project.

Long-Term Partnership

We focus on building lasting relationships, with an average project duration of 5-7 years, ensuring your success is our priority.

Ready-to-Work Professionals

When you choose Setronica, you gain access to our entire company’s experience, not just a dedicated team.

Interdisciplinary Expertise

Our partnerships with diverse clients have honed our skills in various business areas, enabling us to find the best solutions for your specific needs.

Transparent Process

Our workflow emphasizes transparency, with clear roadmaps, metrics, demos, iterations, and feedback loops, ensuring you’re involved every step of the way.


We adapt to your evolving needs, providing the flexibility to change teams, approaches, or skill sets to achieve your business goals.

Setronica’s Java Development Center serves as a virtual extension for our global clients, providing a dedicated focus on delivering high-quality applications while optimizing development costs. Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including robust hardware, cutting-edge application software, and high-speed connectivity. We follow agile project management methodologies, ensuring flexibility, adaptability, and efficient collaboration throughout the development process. Our resource pool consists of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in various Java technologies, enabling us to tackle complex challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Engagement Models

NameTypeCostBest choice ifConditions
Software Development OutsourcingProject-based engagementFixed price based on milestones– Requirements are very clear.
– Our team will be a significant addition to your team.
– You know exactly what you need our team for.
– Agile is possible as well if the client is fully engaged in the development process.
– Maximum cost saving possible, the onus is on us to deliver in time and on budget.
Software Development Team as a ServiceResource-based engagementHourly or daily rates based on type of resource engaged– You want to augment your team with more resources.
– You’re unsure of exact requirements.
– Starting off for the first time.
– We usually offer blended rates based on pre-set conditions to simplify the billing.
– Best choice to start off with our help.
PartnershipsPartnership EngagementHourly rate at cost price + profit share– You don’t have enough funds to take a risk.
– You expect to sell the product/solution to others.
– You’re ready to share risks and gains.
– A win-win partnership: your domain knowledge, our technology skills and expertise.
– Shared intellectual property.

Setronica offers the following services

Setronica back-end development service


Setronica focuses on delivering Hi-End Java programming services to develop custom enterprise solutions. We aim at providing scalable, robust, and easy-to-use application development services to enterprises ranging from startups, small to medium, to large businesses.

Setronica devops as a service


Our team of AWS certified and experienced engineers, architects, and developers provides a full suite of automation services for software projects.

setronica custom integrations


At Setronica, we offer custom integrations services that can help optimize your procurement and supply chain operations.


Focus on your core business while we handle the AI.

Top technologies we use in projects

At our core, we are driven by our extensive experience in diverse industries, encompassing software development, retail, hospitality, entertainment, procurement, delivery, and social networking. Our track record speaks volumes about our ability to navigate various sectors and deliver outstanding outcomes.

One of our key strengths lies in our proficiency in cutting-edge technologies. We consistently leverage these tools to surpass expectations and achieve remarkable results. Here is an overview of the technologies we specialize in:

Programming Languages: We are well-versed in Java and JavaScript, with expertise in popular frameworks such as React.js, Node.js, and Express.js. Our team can efficiently develop robust and scalable applications using these languages.

Cloud Platforms: We have a deep understanding of the two leading cloud platforms, AWS and GCP. With this knowledge, we can architect, deploy, and manage applications and infrastructure in the cloud, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.

Infrastructure as Code: We employ Terraform, a powerful tool, to define and provision infrastructure resources in a declarative manner. This approach enables us to automate infrastructure deployment, making it efficient, consistent, and easily reproducible.

Containerization: By leveraging Kubernetes and Docker, we empower our clients with the advantages of containerization. This technology allows for seamless deployment, scaling, and management of applications, enabling rapid iteration and delivery.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment: To streamline development and deployment processes, we utilize industry-leading tools such as Jenkins and Azure DevOps. With these platforms, we enable automated testing, build, and deployment, ensuring code quality and reducing time to market.

Collaboration Tools: Our team is well-versed in the Atlassian suite, a comprehensive set of tools that facilitates effective project management, issue tracking, and team collaboration. We leverage these tools to enhance transparency, streamline workflows, and foster efficient communication.

With our profound expertise and mastery of these technologies, we are fully equipped to tackle any project, irrespective of complexity or scale. Our commitment to delivering world-class solutions remains unwavering, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Let’s start building something great together!

Contact us today to discuss your project and see how we can help bring your vision to life. To learn about our team and expertise, visit our ‘About Us‘ webpage.


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