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Since 1999 we’re the backbone of business growth

Setronica is a software development company with offices in the US and Europe and a highly qualified team from the Russian Science and Technology Center. We offer full-stack digital solutions for businesses providing outsourcing services.

Since 1999, we have provided high-quality and cost-effective custom software development services to many enterprises, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Our comprehensive knowledge of software and application development, combined with our offshore/onshore resources, enables us to deliver quality development packages designed to optimize your costs and maximize your profits.

We have an established team of talented and enthusiastic professionals who serve clients with passion. We assist clients bountifully, from the initial step to the final output, delivering amazing results. We use the latest techniques and methodologies which give our clients a cutting edge over their competitors.

There are over 90 skilled IT professionals in our team that specialize in solving complex IT problems, developing high-performance, distributed & clustered enterprises and government systems. We are proud that we managed to establish an impressive core team of experts powered by knowledgeable advisors, such as university professors and contractors.

Setronica’s main focuses are custom software development and cloud solutions. Our experienced Java development team helps build robust and scalable enterprise solutions. Our core expertise: eCommerce applications, Online Marketplaces, ERP, and eProcurement platforms.

We work with you to ensure the final solution meets your expectations. We do our best to help you understand all the technologies and options available and ensure your project reaches your goals.

What’s so cool about us?

We concentrate on the client’s business needs like the scope of development, level of performance, time to market, and innovation. We work with the customer’s processes and in the end, through feedback, these processes become a collaboration between us and the client. This is how we managed to build a long-term partnership.

The selection of a reliable tech partner may be a challenge. Here are the reasons why Setronica is a good choice for your business:

  • Experience. Over 20 years in outsourcing and eCommerce product development.
  • Long-term relationship. Average project duration – 5-7 years. We are interested in the successful growth of our customers since it also means new possibilities for us to extend our expertise.
  • Ready-to-work professionals. When we launch a project, you not only get a dedicated team, but also the experience of the whole company.
  • Expertise in the different areas of business. Partnerships with various clients contribute to accumulating interdisciplinary expertise. That helps with finding the best solution for each business.
  • Understandable and measurable process. Our workflow includes a high-level roadmap, metrics, demo, MVP, iteration, feedback loops, etc. This way, we guarantee transparency of our work.
  • Flexibility. We know how to change teams, approaches, skill sets or recommend the best solution to follow up the goals of our customers.

Setronica’s Java Development Center, located in the Russian Scientific Center, is a kind of a virtual extension for our global client base with an emphasis on delivering quality applications and reducing development costs with resources including hardware infrastructure, application software, and high-speed connectivity. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at Setronica follows agile project management methodologies and offers a resource pool of senior, experienced professionals working on various Java technologies, proving the benefits of Java outsourcing.

Engagement Models in Java Development

NameTypeCostBest choice ifConditions
Software Development OutsourcingProject-based engagementFixed price based on milestones– Requirements are very clear.
– Our team will be a significant addition to your team.
– You know exactly what you need our team for.
– Agile is possible as well if the client is fully engaged in the development process.
– Maximum cost saving possible, the onus is on us to deliver in time and on budget.
Software Development Team as a ServiceResource-based engagementHourly or daily rates based on type of resource engaged– You want to augment your team with more resources.
– You’re unsure of exact requirements.
– Starting off for the first time.
– We usually offer blended rates based on pre-set conditions to simplify the billing.
– Best choice to start off with our help.
PartnershipsPartnership EngagementHourly rate at cost price + profit share– You don’t have enough funds to take a risk.
– You expect to sell the product/solution to others.
– You’re ready to share risks and gains.
– A win-win partnership: your domain knowledge, our technology skills and expertise.
– Shared intellectual property.

Top technologies we use in projects

Our development team is passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve and utilizing the latest tools. We always keep up with emerging technologies and new social trends to bring modern digital solutions answering essential business goals and elevating customer satisfaction. If there is something specific you are looking for here but can’t find, please, give us a call. We’re convinced that we can build a software solution that’s just right for you.

Top technologies we use in projects