Transparent Software Development Process

Three ways we deliver value

Software Development

Software development outsourcing services are currently one of the most effective ways to create applications. We offer you a project-based model where you set the project scope and we run the entire development process: from establishing the specs to allocating development setting deployment and quality testing. For instance, you can outsource the creation of MVP (minimum viable product).

You can reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the final product! Focus on your business and customer growth, while we will do our best to create and deliver the technical part of the solution to help you reach your goals.

To ensure your software project reaches the market in the shortest possible time, we schedule intermediate product releases.

  • Payment by results (guaranteed result within your budget)
  • Billing based on an estimate
  • No setup fees
  • Experienced team ensures rapid results

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Development Team Outsourcing

Sometimes you need more people, more knowledge, and more expertise. You hire engineers, but they can’t become a team immediately. Let’s face it, building a good team takes time! It requires various stages of team building to finally team up and achieve optimal performance. All this slows you down and interrupts focus on your business. What you need is a dedicated development team that runs your project smoothly, under your supervision, and only leaves at the point when your own team has everything under control. 

Capacity problem? Low velocity? Lack of expertise? Hire the Setronica development team! We build an engineering culture that focuses on answering complex questions and continuous value delivery.

  • Established and dedicated team
  • Deep understanding of your goals
  • Ongoing communication
  • Full control over the team
  • Monthly billing, clearly defined budget

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Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure automation management is a key to cost-saving. 

What is Infrastructure Automation? It’s the use of technology that performs tasks with reduced human assistance in order to control the hardware, software, and networking components used to deliver information technology services and solutions. 

Setronica will help automate your entire cloud infrastructure from server provisioning and configuration management to application deployment and continuous integration. We extend DevOps principles to our clients using our expertise in technologies from Amazon AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible, and Docker. Our infrastructure engineering team with AWS-certified solution architects has a long track record of successful cloud-based projects.

  • Application deployment automation 
  • Continuous integration 
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure provisioning

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Outsource your software development
Use our Experience to Power your Business

Outsource your software development

We are a software development company. From software products to core business applications, we provide development, testing, and infrastructure automation services to enterprises. We apply our knowledge of the latest technology, software engineering skills, and agile methodology to integrate software development and business objectives effectively and efficiently. We’re a development company with 20+ years in business & 70+ developers. Planning to outsource software development services? Interested in hiring an offshore software development team?

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