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Elevate Your Software Engineering Team with Expert Mentorship

At Setronica, we offer a comprehensive mentoring service designed to provide your team with expert support and a flexible approach tailored to your specific needs.

Software Engineers Mentoring as a Service — Setronica

Enrich Your Software Development Journey


For Developers at Every Stage

Embark on Your Coding Odyssey: Kickstart your career with personalized mentoring that focuses on building a strong foundation, mastering programming languages, and navigating the transition from academia to the professional world.

Stay Ahead in a Fast-Changing Landscape: Navigate the challenges of mid-career growth. Our mentors will guide you

For Business Leaders Shaping the Future

Fuel Innovation, Drive Business Growth: Elevate your team’s expertise and align development efforts with strategic business goals. Our mentoring goes beyond technical skills, offering insights into effective team leadership, strategic planning, and leveraging technology for business success.




One-on-One Mentoring

During the trial month, your team will benefit from one hour of dedicated mentoring per day. To ensure optimal results, we offer the flexibility to choose the appropriate number of mentors based on your requirements.


Industry-Experienced Mentors

Our mentors are seasoned Java professionals with extensive industry experience. They have a deep understanding of real-world project development and can share valuable insights, tips, and best practices to accelerate your team’s learning and growth.


Tailored to Your Projects and Needs

We understand the evolving needs of businesses. Our service offers flexibility and scalability, allowing you to adapt the mentorship program according to your team’s size and requirements. Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, our solutions can be tailored to accommodate your business’s growth trajectory.


Commitment to Transparency

We prioritize transparency in our mentoring process. All mentoring sessions are recorded, giving you complete visibility and the opportunity to review and reflect on valuable discussions. We also actively seek feedback from you after each session to continually improve and enhance our relationship.


For your flexibility, we offer three subscription options based on the number of mentors you need each month.

Validation – check Validation – check One Mentor Validation – check Validation – check 20 hours per month Validation – check Validation – check Daily call time of 1 hour Validation – check Validation – check Post-meeting feedback

Validation – check Validation – check Up to 2 Mentors Validation – check Validation – check 40 hours per month Validation – check Validation – check 1h call with each mentor Validation – check Validation – check Post-meeting feedback

Validation – check Validation – check Up to 3 Mentors Validation – check Validation – check 60 hours per month Validation – check Validation – check 1h call with each mentor Validation – check Validation – check Post-meeting feedback



Subscription Selection

Choose the subscription plan that best fits your team’s needs.

Call Scheduling

Coordinate with your mentor to find a mutually convenient time for mentoring sessions. This schedule will be set for the week or can be flexible as discussed in advance.

Conducting Mentoring Sessions

At the scheduled time, your mentor will be prepared to answer your questions and provide guidance in an interactive Ask Me Anything (AMA) format. This may include code reviews, live coding sessions, or any other format that enhances the mentoring process.


If the mentee is unable to attend a scheduled call, the session will still be considered complete. Any rescheduling needs will be discussed in advance and based on mutual agreement.

Post-Session Support

After each call, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to your mentor. In return, your mentor will provide you with a recording of the session, a summary, or a list of recommended learning resources and additional assignments tailored to your needs.

Payment Process

Our payment structure works on a monthly prepaid basis. The subscription cost is set specifically for the trial month. After the initial trial month, we are open to re-evaluating the terms and format of our relationship to ensure your continued satisfaction.



Accelerated Learning and Efficient Problem Solving

Mentorship isn’t just about passing down knowledge; it’s about guiding junior developers through real challenges. With the right mentor, new talent can quickly familiarize themselves with company culture, coding standards, and teamwork principles. This accelerates learning and leads to the delivery of high-quality products.


Building Collaborative Learning Communities

Mentorship circles and collaborative learning are at the heart of our approach. We facilitate connections among team members, encouraging them to share knowledge, skills, and experiences. This collaborative environment enhances problem-solving and knowledge sharing.


Retaining and Nurturing Leadership Potential

Intentional mentorship connects young developers with seasoned mentors. By investing in their skills and leadership abilities, we ensure the growth and continuity of your company. Our mentorship approach leads to employee loyalty, heightened productivity, and improved retention rates.

Let’s hear it for those we’re mentoring

How would you rate your overall experience in the mentoring program?
My overall experience in the mentoring program has been great. I’ve gained valuable insights and skills that have significantly contributed to my growth as a Java developer.

How effective was the communication between you and your mentor?
The communication between the team and the mentor was very effective. We had regular meetings where we discussed various Java-related topics, and my mentor was always available to address any queries or concerns promptly.

How would you rate the flexibility of the program in accommodating your needs?
The program was quite flexible in accommodating my needs. My mentor was understanding of my schedule constraints and was willing to adjust meeting times when necessary.

Would you recommend our mentoring program to others?
I would highly recommend this mentoring program to others interested in advancing their Java skills. The guidance provided by the mentor was invaluable.


Personalized Mentorship Plans

Tailored mentorship programs are designed based on your team’s specific needs. Whether it’s onboarding, skill enhancement, or leadership development, we craft personalized plans to empower your developers.

Hands-On Problem Solving

Our mentors guide developers through real-world challenges. By offering intelligent feedback and suggesting resources, we enhance their skills and productivity. We believe in learning by doing, and our mentors actively participate in problem-solving.

Encouraging Growth Mindset

We encourage a growth mindset where mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn. Constructive criticism and continuous feedback help developers improve, fostering a culture of resilience and continuous improvement.

Building Confidence and Communication

Mentorship is not just about technical skills; it’s about personal growth too. Mentors help developers set goals, improve communication, and build self-confidence. These soft skills are essential for holistic professional development.


Ready to Enrich Your Team?

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