How designated PIM software beats the spreadsheets

I’ve been working with and making Product Information Management (PIM) software for eCommerce since 2008. Here are the thoughts I want to share. First things first, my intro to PIM PIM’s main idea is centralizing product content creation. This is implemented through 3 following steps: Collect ALL information on products (Supplier price lists, Digital assets, […]

Which way is better for my business Browser Extension development or marketing campaign based on intent data?

I found out that marketing campaigns with intent data using became more and more popular. I was very interested in it and decided that I’d love to do research to find out which way could be more effective for companies with cashback and coupons business because the past several months I took part in such […]

Unified eCommerce Product Catalog

The Idea Unified eCommerce Product Catalog is an eCommerce system based on Java. It was originally developed as NoSQL-based eCommerce data model repository for processing large amount of eCommerce-specific data: product, category, price, and inventory. Unified eCommerce Product Catalog is organized on the concept of one aggregated product entity connected with multiple supplier/vendor offers (inventory, […]

How to build an online marketplace?