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Common Questions

The Setronica team is usually composed of 3-5 full-time programmers and a project manager. However, its size can be customized to fit project needs. Generally, we do recommend a small size team to minimize communication overhead. The team works on long-term Java development and maintenance, not on one-time projects. The manager serves as a business analyst and project manager.

We specialize in the development and implementation of large-scale distributed systems and complex high-performance online platforms. With our extensive experience in developing custom systems, we are committed to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. The average size of our projects is about 100 persons/years.


We are focused on the business-to-business e-marketplace platforms which automate the business processes for invoicing, procurement, catalog management, order fulfillment, and delivery management. A scalable workflow to onboard suppliers and manage product data across multiple systems. Intelligent staff allocation systems.

Operating in very different time zones can work well if you use the time difference to your advantage. Let’s say you are based on the East Coast of the United States and we have a development team in Russia. It means the Developer’s time zone is 11 hours ahead of EST. By the time your staff in the US arrive at work, everything is complete and they’re able to start their day. 

This approach works if the tasks required of each team are self-contained and allow each group to work in isolation, with little need for collaboration across time zones. Any questions the developers have can be asked at the start of your day, allowing you (hopefully) to have the answers ready by the time the developers arrive back at work.

Furthermore, our managers have flexible working hours and often work in the evenings, so they are often available when the client needs them.

We are a reality-driven team. We embrace changes to move quickly in new realities and find ways to deliver results.  

Java and J2EE technologies are our major skillset. We’ve developed many Java/J2EE based solutions for our large customer base. J2EE provides a good base for developing custom high-performance web-based enterprise applications. Along with the Spring Boot framework for backend (server side) development, our team is also experienced in modern frontend frameworks such as angular and react as well as uses python for DevOps and data processing.

We have experience in the software, retail, and catering industries. However, we do believe that we can learn any industry rather quickly. What’s important is our skills and experience in communicating and programming to determine and implement the right business requirements. This helps us do exactly what you need, not what we think you need.

First of all, finding a good employee can take some time. Even if you manage to find one, you’ll need to spend time and money on hiring and onboarding. In the meantime, we can give you a senior-level programmer without these extra costs and worries. We also give you almost endless resources and processes of an experienced Java development company.

With a development team in Russia, you get cost benefits, years of experience & expertise at a fixed, competitive monthly price. Building a similar team using in-house employees will cost you twice as much. The cost can rise even higher if you use the services of contractors or consulting companies.