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Common Questions

The Setronica team consists of a dedicated group of professionals, typically comprising 3-5 full-time programmers and a project manager. However, we understand that project requirements may vary, and we are flexible in adjusting the team size accordingly.

To ensure efficient communication and collaboration, we recommend keeping the team size small to minimize any potential overhead. Our team members are skilled in long-term Java development and maintenance, emphasizing a focus on continuous improvement and ongoing support rather than one-time projects.

The project manager plays a crucial role in serving as both a business analyst and project manager, ensuring effective coordination, requirements gathering, and timely delivery of the project.

Setronica specializes in handling a wide range of projects, particularly in the development and implementation of large-scale distributed systems and complex high-performance online platforms. Our expertise lies in creating custom systems that cater to the unique requirements of businesses.

Our primary focus is on business-to-business e-marketplace platforms that streamline essential business processes such as invoicing, procurement, catalog management, order fulfillment, and delivery management. We excel in designing scalable workflows that facilitate supplier onboarding and efficient management of product data across multiple systems. Additionally, we have experience in developing intelligent staff allocation systems to optimize resource utilization.

With an average project size of approximately 100 persons/years, we are equipped to handle projects of varying scales and complexities. Our goal is to foster long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships by delivering high-quality solutions that align with our clients’ specific needs.

Operating in different time zones can actually be advantageous if managed effectively. For instance, if you are based on the East Coast of the United States and our development team is located in a different time zone, we can utilize the time difference to ensure seamless progress.

By the time your team starts their day, the tasks assigned to our team will already be completed. This allows for continuous workflow without any delays. Our managers also have flexible working hours and are available to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

Effective communication is key in bridging the time zone gap, and we have developed strategies to ensure smooth collaboration and prompt responses. While coordination may be required for tasks that involve cross-time zone collaboration, we have experience in managing such situations efficiently.

Overall, our experience in working across different time zones enables us to maximize productivity and minimize any potential challenges, ensuring a seamless and efficient working relationship regardless of geographical differences.

At our core, we are a results-oriented team that thrives in dynamic environments. We embrace change and adapt quickly to ensure timely and effective delivery of outcomes.

Our major skillset lies in Java and J2EE technologies. Over the years, we have successfully developed numerous Java/J2EE-based solutions for a wide range of clients. Leveraging the power of J2EE, we excel in creating custom, high-performance web-based enterprise applications. Additionally, our team boasts expertise in the Spring Boot framework for robust backend (server-side) development. We also have proficiency in modern frontend frameworks such as Angular and React, enabling us to create intuitive user interfaces. Furthermore, we utilize Python for DevOps and data processing, ensuring efficient and seamless operations.

With our comprehensive skillset and versatile technology stack, we are well-equipped to tackle diverse projects and deliver innovative solutions that align with your specific business needs.

We have experience in the software, retail, and catering industries. However, we do believe that we can learn any industry rather quickly. What’s important is our skills and experience in communicating and programming to determine and implement the right business requirements. This helps us do exactly what you need, not what we think you need.

While hiring an IT employee or contractor may seem like a viable option, it comes with certain challenges. Firstly, the process of finding a suitable candidate can be time-consuming. Even after identifying a potential hire, you will need to invest additional time and resources in the hiring and onboarding process. On the other hand, our solution provides you with immediate access to a senior-level programmer, eliminating the need for prolonged recruitment procedures and associated costs. Furthermore, by partnering with us, you gain access to extensive resources and streamlined processes offered by an experienced Java development company. This ensures a seamless and efficient development experience without the worries and limitations associated with individual hires or contractors.

Partnering with our dedicated development team ensures significant cost benefits and access to years of experience and expertise. By choosing our services, you secure a fixed, competitive monthly price, providing exceptional value for your investment. In contrast, assembling an equivalent in-house team would incur double the expenses. Furthermore, relying on contractors or consulting companies could drive costs even higher. With our solution, you can maximize your ROI while benefiting from our skilled professionals and cost-effective approach.