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Common Questions

A Setronica team usually is composed of 3-5 full-time programmers and a project manager. The team size can be customized to fit project needs. We do recommend a small size team to minimize communication overhead. The team works on long-term Java development and maintenance, and not one time projects. The manager acts as a business analyst and project manager.

We focus mainly on Java development and maintenance. Java, a popular software development platform that is used in building independent or secured applications is the most reliable and extremely dominant software development application that has ruled the software platform for years now. We build enterprise systems, websites, intranets, e-commerce sites, back-end systems, reporting applications, process automation, and more. We can handle any size project, from automating a manual report done through Excel, to implementing a geographically load-balanced back-end system.

Operating across very different time zones can work well if you use the time zone difference to your advantage. Let’s say you base on the East Coast of the United States, we have a development team in Russia which means Developer’s time zone being 11 hours ahead of EST. By the time your staff in the US arrive at work, everything is complete and they’re able to start their day. This approach works if the tasks required of each team are self-contained and allow each group to work in isolation, with little need for collaboration across time zones. Any questions the developers had for you could be raised at the start of your day, allowing you (hopefully) to have the answers ready by the time the developers arrived back at work. Also our managers are flexible to work outside our usual working hours in the evening, and still be available when the client needs them.

Our core programming language is Java and J2EE with a strong object oriented background. We also work with other programming languages if the need arises. For example, we work with ruby on rails for state-of-the-art websites that compete with single page JavaScript applications, spock / groovy DSL for test automation to make tests readable, python for DevOps to get scripting infrastructure and so on.

We have experience in the software, retail and catering industries. However, we do believe that we can learn an industry rather quickly. What’s important are our skills and experience in communicating and programming, to determine and implement the right business requirements. This makes sure we do exactly what you need and not what we think you need.

You will need to find a good employee, the total cost of a senior level programmer is higher if you factor in the costs of hiring, HR, legal, hardware, office space, bonuses, increases, taxes and management time. We gives you a senior level programmer without the extra costs and worries with various IT services, and the resources and processes of a Java development company.

You get cost benefit with development team in Russia, years of experience & expertise by fixed competitive monthly pricing. Building a similar team using in-house employees will cost you twice as much. The cost increases if you start using contractors or consulting companies.