The most efficient development philosophy: think DevOps

In the world of modern technologies, software development is one of the fastest-evolving areas. Through the last decades, even development approaches changed and brought out new methodologies. The most popular one today is DevOps. What kind of beast is DevOps? Sometimes DevOps is considered as just a term for particular tools, in fact being a […]

ISO-27001 - information security management system standard

Information Security Management System

ISO-27001 is widely known for providing requirements for information security management systems.  The development of software products and digital services has changed a lot over the 20 years of our company’s existence. We’ve used different ways to improve the development process and introduced the most promising technologies and quality control methods. Even though this brought […]

How designated PIM software beats the spreadsheets

I’ve been working with and making Product Information Management (PIM) software for eCommerce since 2008. Here are the thoughts I want to share. First things first, my intro to PIM PIM’s main idea is centralizing product content creation. This is implemented through 3 following steps: Collect ALL information on products (Supplier price lists, Digital assets, […]

Cookie Day. What will happen on Feb 17, 2020?

Winter is coming… A cookie day for people and their agents – browsers, that may break your user experience or even affect your life… Will it be a global Armageddon of the Web, or just cause a local malfunction of some old-time sites? It’s time to figure it out. Taste of HTTP Cookie First of […]

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How search the outsourcing development companies? Introduction

Searching for outsourcing development companies is a painstaking task. A contractor should be reliable and pro. One who can implement a task quickly, in time and efficiently. Where can we find outsourcing companies meeting the stated criteria? Most of us turn to sites with different ratings of developer companies. However, there are a lot of […]

How to get access to an online database for every guinea pig breeder?

We’ve got an interesting challenge to create backend for guinea pig breeders database. During the development process we learned that now just a few sources exist and can be useful if you want to find guinea pig test cross answer. So we’re sharing the URLs to free trial software application for guinea pig breeders. It […]

Which way is better for my business Browser Extension development or marketing campaign based on intent data?

I found out that marketing campaigns with intent data using became more and more popular. I was very interested in it and decided that I’d love to do research to find out which way could be more effective for companies with cashback and coupons business because the past several months I took part in such […]

Why is an RnD outsourcing service a good choice for business improvement?

RnD – research and development – is the process, that has main goal to find new opportunities, products, services, operations or improve existing ones. Everything to increase competitive advantage. There is the stereotype, that only leading companies can afford RnD. However, nowadays middle and small companies can take advantage of the RnD process turning to […]

Why Good Commit Message Matters?

Discovery Phase to Define Project Focus