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The business value of software testing in software development.

The primary value of software testing and QA automation as the sum of it’s outputs – confidence and speed. Everyone expects from the software to

  • Work as promised or advertised
  • Do it’s job quickly and efficiently
  • Provide distinct value to them

Please take into account that the developers typically have a different focus than QA. A developer focuses solely on how to make it works. As QA, your focus should be how to make it crashed. This requires a different mindset and skill set completely than development. Developers can sometimes be extremely proud of their code, much like a parents with their child. Having someone else tell you that your child has an issue that needs to be corrected is sometimes a lot easier than telling it to yourself. Plus, when you know exactly how to make everything work, you typically will go down the path of making it work.

Usually developers tests their code on unit testing level to ensure that their code is relatively functional. To discover unsaid assumptions in requirement, best method is to let someone else (not developer) to read them, and let another brain to compare with implementation – this is QA role and value.

If you care out to be confident about the quality of your software you need to make sure that you have three fundamental things in the process.

  • Clear defined value proposition, goals and plan
  • The right people testing your software
  • A effective software QA process

Our testing services are designed to provide you with the right people and right process. It will help you improve governance and systems quality and reduce risk and delivery cost to your organisation

QA Automation By Software Test Engineers

Software QA is inherently a people centred activity. Sure, test automation can take you a long way in certain circumstances. But, at it’s core, the effectiveness of your software testing will largely be determined by the people on your team. Software testing experts – Test Engineers, are very different and much more effective than an ordinary “tester”. Test Engineers can engineer a specific approach to your software QA needs. They can explain “what”, “why” and “how” to do it. We design our software testing solutions to help you achieve your business goals. Our QA automation engineers have over 15+ years of experience in software development quality assurance.

A strong Test Engineers will not only reduce the amount of defects in production but also reduce the amount of defects coded. They will typically thoroughly review requirements, source code and plot out how the developer will make the changes, discuss with the developers their plans, ensuring that scenarios are covered prior to a line of code is written and make sure that the code is of the highest quality.

QA Automation As A Service

Software QA Processes are critical to produce high quality software as quickly as possible. We have extensive and significant experience of designing and implementing test governance and management approaches, gained on some of the most complex and largest scale projects. The best process is one that is tight enough to produce the desired outcomes without deviation, light enough to be easily usable by the people doing the work, flexible enough to adapt to changes in the business or technical environment.

Continuous testing is the backbone of the modern development process. It is the execution of automated tests throughout the delivery pipeline, and involves running risk-based, automated regression tests prior to each deployment within the pipeline, including post-production health checks. Now all understand the time and cost benefits of running automated test scripts continuously and implementing automated feedback loops

We deliver a customized test automation solution that meets your needs, whether a simple one-time solution, or a comprehensive solution that includes implementing automation throughout the DevOps continuous integration pipeline, or developing in-sprint automation for Agile teams. We also develop project-specific solutions, including automated regression suites. Our process is highly focused on needs and encompasses large-scale system testing as necessary.

Our QA Automation Technologies

Selenium + Groovy, Selenium+Python+Behave, Java, Groovy, Python, Git, K8, Docker, AMPQ, Redis, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Mongo.

Engagement Models

NameTypeCostingBest WhenComments
Software Development OutsourcingProject-basedFixed based on milestones– Requirements are very clear.
– Team will be a significant addition to existing team or all of it.
– Team’s capabilities are known well.
– Agile possible as well if client is fully engaged in the development process.
– Maximum cost savings possible as onus is onto us to deliver in-time on-budget.
Agile Team as a ServiceResource-based engagementHourly or daily rates based on type of resource engaged– Want to augment your team with more resources.
– Unsure of exact requirements.
– Starting off for the first time.
– We usually offer blended rates based on pre-set conditions so smoothen the billing.
– Great way to start off with us.
PartnershipsPartnership EngagementHourly rate at cost + Share of profits earned– Not enough capital to take a risk.
– Expect the product/solution to be sold to others through you.
– Willingness to share risk and as well as gains.
– Excellent combination of your domain knowledge and our technology skills to form a win-win partnership.
– Shared IP.

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