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Boost IT Team Performance: Key Software & Metrics for CTOs and CEOs

Boost IT Team Performance: Key Software & Metrics for CTOs and CEOs

Imagine it’s Monday morning, and as a CTO, you’re starting your week reviewing the progress of your development teams.

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How Search The Outsourcing Development Companies? Introduction

Searching for outsourcing development companies is a painstaking task. A contractor should be reliable and pro. One who can implement a task quickly, in time and efficiently. Where can we find outsourcing companies meeting the stated criteria? Most of us turn to sites with different ratings of developer companies. However, there are a lot of sites, collections do not match, open question how companies get to these tops. As a result instead of solving the problem, we get even more inconsistent information.   Which websites show what information and what conclusions can be drawn from it is the topic of our series of articles.   First of all lets deal with the sorting of companies that provide ratings:  Aggregators of companies. Websites like Clutch, 99firms, hackernoon e.t.c.Who makes top lists of companies in various fields of business. Freelancing platforms. Like Toptal, Freelancer, Upwork e.t.c. Allows you to see performers ratings before hiring them. Analyst agencies. Like Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, IDC Corporate e.t.c. Periodically publish ratings of the best companies. Depending on the business-specific of rating providers they use different approaches. It’s impossible to say unequivocally that one approach is better than the others. More correct to say that you should choose an approach that suits your goals. Before we go to the first item “Aggregators of companies” let’s write down a  task that you want to solve with outsourcing developers help and criteria that your ideal partner should have. Let’s try to find it together! For example, I want to find an outsourcing developer. That company should have experience in eCommerce and works for medium and large companies. Find out what comes out of this in the following articles. Stay tuned! Also, read another article in our blog New ones How to get access to an online database for every guinea pig breeder? and about Browser Extension development and marketing campaign based on intent data


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